Alhambra Palace in Granada

Today we finished our stay in Granada.But we still did things, I will tell you, first of all we went to a Islamic Palace called Palace Alhambra and it was very beautiful and if you stand on the balconies of the palace you can see spectacular views , but I advise if you want to go there then you need to do a tour.

Then after that we went to a Cathedral and when we got there guess what it was CLOSED and we took ages trying to find the entrance. So we just decided to have lunch then go home.


Surrounding Moroccan Markets


  1. Yinka says

    You know that round building reminds me of the Roman empire time…where was that, sorry if I missed the location dear but you know Aunty is very young lol

  2. Mine Bee says

    Have been so busy, havent had a chance to read your blog. This looks amazing, I love the architecture. You also went to Morrocco – that is brilliant

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