On Top of the World in Granada

Today I went to the highest point of Granada but it wasn’t a mountain. We went on this tower in the Science Museum and at the top they had these binoculars that were so good, you could see people skiing at the top of the mountains and it was so cool. After that we went to a science museum and there were really fun things for us to do because it was more hands on stuff which was fun.

This was in the Butterfly Park

These are the Sierra Nevada Mountains and we could see people skiing from the Observational Tower.

This is a picture I took from the Observation Tower where we could see the whole of Granada. Its a big city.



  1. Mainini Nomah says

    Just wish we were also there looking at the beautiful places you have been visiting. The butterfly looks gorgeous and the palace has a Moorish style and full of character that I like. Tee asking whether it was you or mum who took the photo of the butterfly?

  2. Yinka says

    This could actually be a poster you or a picture to frame very nice…I love nature. you and your mum should have done some lesson on the eco system :) too

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